Extreme Pulse Technology implements multi-flow conditioning patterns thru a series of resonating chambers, which create dynamic high and low pressure events that successfully aid in the recovery of both oil and gas during workover (cleanout) operations.

The Helik ExP ports of the nozzle can be oriented in multi-directional flow patterns. They are able to be custom built to client specifications without impeding the performance. Simple design of the Helik ExP helps make it the most economically feasible technology in the marketplace for stimulation, acidizing, scale and solids removal.

This technology creates turbulent flow pockets on the annulus which keep solids in suspension much longer than conventional laminar annular flow during cleanouts thru a series of dynamic high and low pressure events.

The Helik ExP can be utilized in oil, gas and water wells to increase production by conducting optimal cleaning of the wellbore and near wellbore regions. When utilized to clean injection, wastewater and disposal wells the Helik ExP will help improve injectivity by breaking and removing debris within the near region.

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