The CTT Hevi Hitter (H/H) Jar enables energy to be stored like a spring placed in tension. When released the energy accelerates and is released to an internal hammer and anvil creating impact force to strike an object in a well.

The CTT H/H Jar presents the most advanced technology available in metering of hydraulic fluids. It provides the optimum time delay and maximized velocity at detent release providing an impact force at the fish previously unavailable in coil tubing operations. The CT operator can place the tool at the optimum position in the string.

Operational Advantages:

  • Minimal mechanical drag at detent release permits the maximum acceleration of the mass to the hammer and anvil. Fully hydraulic operation permits a wide range of overpull or set-down weight.
  • Utilizing the CTT Amplidyne with the CTT H/H Jar further enhances the acceleration of the tool.
  • Energy provided requires fewer cycles to free the string thus reducing fatigue at the gooseneck.

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